Vol 3 No 2 October (2021) Journal of Pragmatics Research

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This is the latest publication of Vol 3, No 2 October (2021) Journal of Pragmatics Research, IAIN Salatiga

Table of Contents
Vol 3, No 2 October (2021) Journal of Pragmatics Research
Table of Contents  URL

1. Hedges in Students’ Reflective Feedback: Evidence from an Online Class during COVID-19 Outbreak by Arina Isti’anah, Anindita Dewangga Puri DOI: 10.18326/jopr.v3i2.86-96
2. Impoliteness of Directive Speech Acts in Online Indonesian Language Learning by Laili Etika Rahmawati, Nurul Hidayat, Andra Kurniawan DOI : 10.18326/jopr.v3i2.97-107
3. Persuasive Strategies in Selected Brand Products’ Advertisement on Instagram: Rationalization Aspect by Tira Nur Fitria DOI : 10.18326/jopr.v3i2.108-130
4. Impoliteness Addressed to Different Genders and their Responses in The Kitchen Nightmares, a TV Reality Show by A. Dzo’ul Milal, Angga Cahya Pramono DOI : 10.18326/jopr.v3i2.131-146
5. Integrating Politeness Principles and Strategies in Counselling Technique: A Phenomenological Study by Syafryadin Syafryadin DOI : 10.18326/jopr.v3i2.147-159
6. A Survey of Infringements of Gricean Maxims in Some Precautionary Inscriptions on Medicine Packets by Rosarri C Mbisike DOI : 10.18326/jopr.v3i2.160-172

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